Friday, June 30, 2006


A leader knows what’s best to do;
A manager knows merely how best to do it.
-Ken Adelman, business executive

Jerry White, internationally known business consultant, puts his finger on the critical point of difference between managers and leaders. “Leaders and entrepreneurs use intuition as much as anything in divining vision, strategy and dealing with change. The quantitative bean counters be damned.”

Managers follow rulebooks. Good leaders, if they have enough guts, follow their Gutfeeling. Learn to make the distinction yourself.

Rule books are necessary. But all too often they are substitutes for honest reflection and instinct. “Do it by the book” is an expression you will hear all managers use. It relieves them of responsibility for thinking!

There’s nothing wrong with following the book, unless you are unable to recognize when it’s time to set the rule book aside and follow your Gutfeeling. You already have the benefit of the best advice the book can give you. Now forget it, and work out the problem on your own. Let your instincts tell you…..

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Peter Urs bender, Author
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